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Ponder Natural Health offers caring, effective treatment for a wide range of health problems, using the time-proven methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By refining this unique medical system with knowledge from modern research, we can offer your family the best of natural, drug-free health care.

Covid-19 Update: I will not be re-opening in the immediate future.

Why the delay? Being in close quarters with another person for an extended time (such as an acupuncture appointment) is almost a worst-case scenario for spreading this type of virus. (Coughing or sneezing near others, especially without a face covering, is worse). While most people have mild to moderate symptoms, many of my patients have multiple risk factors for a severe response to the coronavirus (as do I). For now, remaining closed seems the most responsible choice.

Being symptom-free is absolutely no assurance that you (or I) are not infected and able to pass the virus on.

Masks lower the rate of emission and inhalation of virus particles –  they are significantly helpful in many situations (brief exposure in public places, such as grocery shopping)  but over time, those infectious particles will linger and build up in a room. Even low amounts of virus particles inhaled over time result in infection.

Archuleta county has thankfully been stable with a low incidence rate, but we are a tourist area, and hospitalization rates in neighboring states are on the rise again. As things re-open and visitors start to pass through, we are likely to see spikes, but not for a couple of weeks due to the incubation period.

You might be interested in this article about contagion and this one about masks.

Currently, the following state and local regulations are in place:

  • All patients/visitors as well as the acupuncturist  must wear a mask/face covering 
  • All patients must confirm that they have not had symptoms of possible infection within the past 7 days (cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, headache, soar throat, generalized muscle pain, loss of smell or taste)
  • I will schedule patients further apart to permit extra disinfection and social distancing
  • Please wait outside my office until your appointment time and do not bring extra visitors or family members into the office.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly immediately before entering the office (bathrooms are available nearby on the second floor)
  • I will have contactless payment available; if you pay with a check, ideally bring your own pen.
  • If you are a new patient, please print and fill out your intake/health history forms in advance, if possible.


Acupuncture, Herbs, Bodywork and More

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) developed over thousands of years as a truly holistic approach to medicine. We like to say “Treat the person, not the disease.” Health care based in TCM evaluates your overall health, monitors your response to treatments, and continually customizes your treatment accordingly. Traditional Chinese Medicine can be effective in treating a wide range of illnesses as listed by the National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization.

We have many treatment methods at our disposal to bring you back to your natural state of well-being:

Acupuncture can be performed with or without needles. We use only fine, disposable sterile needles. Although we like you to feel a sensation of “Qi” or energy in response to the needling, most people find the feeling comfortable, and even relaxing. But we also have alternatives; points can be stimulated by laser, gentle electrical currents, or even finger pressure.

Herbology is highly evolved in Chinese medicine, and is a powerful tool appropriate for many conditions. In China, the focus of TCM is actually on the use of herbs. Herbal formulas can be used to support other treatments you receive, such as acupuncture, or can be used alone. We also carry a few select lines of professional grade vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Moxibustion, or moxa for short, is a form of heat therapy, traditionally using the dried, packed leaves of the mugwort plant. (Today we also have a smokeless charcoal version, and might even substitute a heat lamp!) It is used for conditions with signs of cold or stagnanation. Applications include certain kinds of joint pain, fatigue and deficiency, digestive disorders, menstrual cramps, irregular periods, and infertility.

For muscular and skeletal issues, other treatments may be appropriate including Tuina (“twee-nah”), a Chinese form of bodywork developed over thousands of years. (A pediatric form of tuina is sometimes the treatment of choice for children with digestive or respiratory problems, and for preventative health care.) We also employ some unique tools and techniques including cupping (a method combining pressure and vacuum against the skin) and gua sha in which a special tool is used to stroke and stimulate the skin and underlying tissues.

You can get more information about these techniques, Ponder Natural Health, and Oriental Medicine on our FAQ page.


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