Home Test Kits

Reliable, Affordable Lab Tests from Your Home…
* Flu, Strep, UTI, Gluten sensitivity & more

Home test kits

We’ve partnered* with myLAB Box to offer home testing for common conditions and infections.

  • 10 times Faster
  • 1/2 the Cost. No hidden fees.
  • Convenient, easy, painless
  • 100% as Accurate, using CLIA and CAP certified laboratories
  • Discrete shipping and results.
  • Free telemedicine consultation should you test positive

Click a link below for more information about your home testing kits. 

*We strongly believe in patients having more control over their health, medical information, testing and results. We've worked with myLab Box for several years and have yet to hear of a negative experience. While we may receive a commission when you order via one of the links on this page, we truly believe this is a service that benefits our patients.